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Latest Course Reviews

Received a job offer for an overseas rep working for TUI Destination Services  
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Very much enjoyed the course. Learnt a lot about the job role, and massively helped in my interview; particularly the dealing with a complaint role play.

I am also happy to say that I just yesterday received a job offer for an overseas rep working for TUI Destination Services.

Many thanks,

Harrison    September 29, 2017    UK   
I got the job with First Choice  

Thank you to the team at Holiday Rep Diploma as i am now working as a holiday rep.

I will be recommending this course to others 🙂

poppy    July 14, 2017    Newcastle   
Worth Every penny  
Author Picture

I really enjoyed the course and found the recruitment help the best. Helped me with applications and the interview and now working for TUI as a rep.

Thank you

David    July 6, 2017    Coventry   
Start my new Holiday Rep career  
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Thanks to everyone at holiday rep diploma as i am now a holiday rep. Fun course with recruitment help too 🙂

Thanks and would recommend this course.

Lppulton    June 27, 2017    Southampton   
Brilliant course if you want to be a Holiday Rep  
Author Picture

I found the course really interesting and has already helped me to have two interviews. Keep up the good work!

BenPal1996    June 14, 2017    Leeds   
Recommendation of the Diploma Course  
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This course was very interesting, easy to use and a good idea being able to repeat the modules, which gave me more confidence.

I like that help is available and someone to chat to if needed and also great help to look at the interview advice.

I would recommend as I really enjoyed the course.

Kellyell    June 11, 2017    Cardiff   
Easy to Follow and Landed My Dream Job :)  
Author Picture

After looking on how and where to apply to work as a holiday rep i came across the Holiday Rep Diploma course and reading the reviews and success stories i enroled and so glad i did. The modules were excellent and i have learnt so much about the job and what to expect when working as a rep. I liked the fact i could take the module revision tests as many times as a liked so the information really stuck 🙂

Also a mention to my recruitment advisor and the support i received as if it was not for the information and help i would not have got the job with Thomsons.

Brilliant course and i will be recommending it to others.

sarahjon1989    June 9, 2017    Norwich   
“Flexible User Friendly Holiday Rep Diploma”  
Author Picture

I started the course on Sunday afternoon, and have just in the last few minutes passed the final exam. The online interface is very user-friendly, with easy navigation, plenty of videos, examples of forms where paperwork is referred to, and a revision quiz at the end of each module

The modules are all of manageable size, with plenty visuals and varied activities (such as cards to match) and the end of module quiz which must be passed before going to the next question. The fact that you don't get bogged down in huge amounts of text at any time- and where there are longer sections these are broken up with bullet points and key emphasis of what is critical to the holiday rep's role- gives you a continuous sense of rapid progress module by module- to the extent I found I'd done half the course material by Sunday evening, and was excited to finish and have a qualification to take me to better climes.

If you learn the material, practice the module quizzes until you are confident of the answers, you will do well in the final exam. So if you want to do something that will stand out to tour operators and other employers in the industry, and get that first experience as a holiday rep, this is a good convenient way to do it.

Madds    June 8, 2017    Portsmouth   
Excellent course!!  
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Just completed my course and wanted to say how much i enjoyed learning about the different holiday rep jobs. The course was easy to follow and i used my tablet and phone to complete it on and both worked really well. It took me just a few hours to complete and my tutor was available if i needed. I have applied for 3 jobs and have interviews for all three. I have studied the recruitment manual and has helped me to prepare for the interviews.

simone_98    June 8, 2017    Kent   
I got the job with TUI  
Author Picture

I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in becoming a rep, to take the online course!  The site looked easy to use, so I took the plunge and signed up. I found the course enjoyable, and started to apply for rep jobs before actually completing it, my course tutor and recruitment advisor were on hand to help! When I told TUI that I had done the Holiday Rep Diploma Course, my assessor was impressed.

Katie Shaw    June 7, 2017    Manchester   
Great course and easy to follow  
Author Picture

Loved it and i would recommend it.

I have two interviews now coming up, so thank you.

Chris873    June 6, 2017    London