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Latest Course Reviews

Great course and got my dream job as a Club Rep :)  
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A great course with excellent recruitment help that really helped me to get the job 🙂

Thanks you Holiday Rep Diploma.

Jmacey    February 24, 2020   Leeds   
Just signed my contract with Twenty's  
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Just signed my contract – awaiting the reference checks to come back and I’ll be sent my start date and destination; the anticipation is killing me! 🙂 I hadn’t been abroad on holiday for years as my husband didn’t have a passport. Shortly after we separated I got my work bonus so a friend and I decided to go on a little jolly to have some fun. I loved my getaway, the reps were fab, the excursion we went on was such a great experience and the hotel was like no place I’ve ever been before. After I got back home I thought “That’s what I want”. I looked online, found The Holiday Rep Diploma and enrolled straight away. I completed the course and then started to learn to drive thinking I’d apply for the following season once I had a licence. But I couldn’t wait – with the help of my recruitment adviser I applied for some positions and when I heard back about an Administration position was really stoked. My recruitment adviser was really supportive and encouraging and so easy to approach with any questions.I had no experience in this industry before and would never have pursued it without the course.

Laura    February 8, 2020  
I got the job!!  
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Thanks to your course i will be working for TUI next summer. I cant thank you enough as the course really helped me to prepare for the interview. I will be recommending to others.

Kev94    January 3, 2020   Oxford