Holiday Rep Diploma is compatible

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Holiday Rep Diploma is compatible with all platforms

We know that more and more people are browsing the web whilst on the move. Which is why the Holiday Rep Diploma is compatible for all platforms and media devices. It has been designed to be easily viewed on all tablets, smartphones, laptops, iMac's and PC's.


Featuring all the same content as on the website.  Our mobile site should be speedy and quick to use over 3G and 4G networks.  As the course contains no Flash content, users can log in, study each module, complete the tests and use all of the study methods contained within.  Holiday Rep Diploma allows you to study any place, any time. With Holiday Rep Diploma you will have  a true mobile learning experience.  And there’s no fee or app to download, just browse to in your favourite mobile browser to see how the Holiday Rep Diploma is compatible with your device.


If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, you can also quickly add our website to your home screen too, simply select the option from the Safari’s menu.


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