Congratulations to everyone successfully being recruited as a Holiday Rep after completing the Holiday Rep  Diploma Course. Our success rate from the course is 94% (as of October 2nd 2018). Below are just a few of our success stories from the Holiday Rep Diploma Course


Just signed my contract with Thomas Cook – awaiting the reference checks to come back and I’ll be sent my start date and destination; the anticipation is killing me! 🙂 I hadn’t been abroad on holiday for years as my husband didn’t have a passport. Shortly after we separated I got my work bonus so a friend and I decided to go on a little jolly to have some fun. I loved my getaway, the Thomas Cook reps were fab, the excursion we went on was such a great experience and the 5* hotel was like no place I’ve ever been before. After I got back home I thought “That’s what I want”. I looked online, found The Holiday Rep Diploma and enrolled straight away. I completed the course and then started to learn to drive thinking I’d apply for the following season once I had a licence. But I couldn’t wait – with the help of my recruitment adviser I applied for some positions and when I heard back from TC about an Administration position was really stoked. My recruitment adviser was really supportive and encouraging and so easy to approach with any questions.I had no experience in this industry before and would never have pursued it without the course.

Catherine Beharrell - Successful with Thomas Cooksuccessstampthomascook

I came back from a couple holidays this year and decided I wanted a go at working abroad. I loved the idea of being a holiday advisor rep so kept an eye out for vacancies. I then realised they had stopped recruiting so decided to research into the role to help me stand a better chance of getting an interview.

I had seen on many sites and forums the mention of this holiday rep diploma. So I looked through and liked the sound of it. I was abit sceptical about paying to start with but realised as I had no travel and tourism background that it would be worth investing in. And it was.

The best £99 I've ever spent because now I have gained employment with TUI as a transfer rep! The modules really give you a good idea of what the role entails so I felt very knowledgable at my interview. The help you get from the recruitment advisor is even better as any questions you may have about either the application or interview, they are really quick to respond and help you out! So thank you!! Can't wait until I fly out!

Shannon Parkins-Hunt - Successful with TUIsuccessstamp

Wow, so I got the Job with TUI! The Holiday Rep Diploma helped me to pull all my skills and resources into a relevant and worthwhile qualification. It enabled me to fully understand what would be required of me and to confirm that if I had the necessary skills.

The follow up support was invaluable and extremely thorough and I am looking forward to getting started next Summer!

Ian Sweet - Successful with TUI

Just want to say a massive thank you to Holiday Rep Diploma and to my recruitment advisor for all the help and support he has given me through this course and gave me the confidence to go for my dream job!

I successfully passed the course and got an interview for Cosmos, which I passed 🙂 I then went onto the training course in Portugal and was offered a position as a holiday representative in Crete. I am so grateful for all the help and am looking forward to the new experiences and great people I will meet along the way!

The course is well worth doing and the advisors are always on hand to help. I never dreamed I would be going to work as a holiday rep:) thank you again!

Never give up on your dream!

Jenny Linley - Successful with Cosmossuccessstampcosmos


I was looking into a career move and wanted to find out more about becoming a Holiday Advisor overseas, so I started to do a few searches on the Internet and stumbled upon Holiday Rep Diploma website and thought I would give it a go, I completed the course which I enjoyed and gained 100% pass mark, It also gave the confidence and an insight to the job making me realise I would enjoy it plus I could do it given the opportunity (I am a little older than your average Rep but after talking with my recruitment advisor he made me realise age wasn’t a problem).

Which led me to the next phase of finding positions to apply for after speaking via email with my recruitment advisor he pointed me in the right direction of where and when and how which was brilliant.

I went on and had an Interview with Thomson the very next day and had a phone call within 48 hours to say I was successful, my last Interview was with Thomas Cook which I cancelled as I already had an offer with the company I would prefer It didn’t seem much point going through another day.

The Interviews are a little nerve racking but you meet some great people and with the help of your online support find out what to expect before the day, be organised, punctual but mostly be yourself and enjoy it.

I would not hesitate in recommending the Holiday Rep Diploma to anyone who wants to find out about the possibility of becoming a Holiday Rep - Good Luck!

Libby Pridmore - Successful with TUIsuccessstamp

I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in becoming a rep, to take the online course! After waking up one morning and wondering where my life was actually heading, I decided to try and fulfill my dream of working abroad, for one of the big tour operators.

A complete career change was daunting and I didnt know where to start so I researched some websites and came across Holiday Rep Diploma. The site looked easy to use, so I took the plunge and signed up. I found the course enjoyable, and started to apply for rep jobs before actually completing it, my course tutor and recruitment advisor were on hand to help! I was so excited when the emails started coming in, offering me invites to assessment days.

The first one, I literally screamed in a local coffee shop!! I found the whole experience overwhelming. I can't deny that I was very nervous at the interview, although I had been given a heads up on what to expect from Mark, my advisor so this stood me in good sted and did help calm my nerves. I was fully prepared on the day, and felt I had the upper hand on other candidates , especially when it came to the maths test and currency conversion, as a few of the others failed at that point and were sent home!!

When I told them at the end that I had done the holiday rep diploma course, they said that they wish they'd known about it beforehand and my assessor was impressed that I had taken the time to learn all about the role of a rep.

I found out the next day that I had been successful and was offered a role as Overseas Holiday Advisor with Thomson, in Greece. I fly later this week and still pinch myself to see whether it's really happening!!

Katie shaw - Successful with TUI

I am so glad I completed The Holiday Rep Diploma online! The Diploma was so easy to access and I was really pleased I could complete it all in my own time!

The Diploma definitely helped me learn a lot about becoming a holiday representative, particularly with what to expect on an interview/recruitment day. I had no education or qualification in the tourism industry as I never really considered it as a career for me, so this Diploma was perfect for me.

After completion I applied to 2 of the biggest holiday companies and received invitations to both recruitment days, I have just been to one of those and was successful throughout the day and have now got a job as an Overseas Holiday Advisor (rep) with TUI assigned to Greece!

I feel I would have been so unprepared without all the help I got from the Diploma! If you are considering becoming a Rep as a career or just for some fun for a season, do this Diploma!

Laura - Successful with TUI

Just been offered a job as a Holiday Rep with Thomas Cook 🙂

I applied to Thomas Cook before starting the course and once TC got in touch to say I have an interview.. I was excited but so nervous! I started searching different sites about repping to get a better idea of how to go about my interview, then I came across the Holiday Rep Diploma.

I studied travel and tourism in college and was familiar with some of the things in the course, but I wasn't aware of a lot of things a rep had to do as part of their role, so it is definitely worth doing if you're thinking of going down the path of a Holiday Rep. Not only does it show you're willing to learn to the employer and spending your own pennies to achieve goals, it helps prepare you for your interview, how to apply to different rep roles and fill in the application forms, design your CV and get a better understanding of the job.

I didn't need to contact my course tutor but before the interview I contacted my recruitment advisor and they replied pretty much straight away and helped me with everything and made me feel a bit more calm about the assessment day. So glad I did the course and I'll always be able to contact the recruitment advisor if I need anything else so, Thanks guys!

Wish me luck! Let the good times roll..

Leanne McLean - successful with Thomas Cook

I was successful with Thomas Cookl!!

I still cannot believe it! My dreams came true! Big thanks, especially to my recruitment advisor for all the help and support during and after the course. I went well prepared and knew exactly what to do and what to say and it worked! I can honestly say i would have not been able to get job without you guys THANKS AGAIN :)) BRING ON SUMMER !!!!!!!!

Ben Perrie- successful with Thomas Cook

Thank you to holiday rep diploma I have been offered a holiday rep position for thomas cook. This is really exciting and I cant wait. I could not have done this without the help with the course and all the advice from the advisors they were great and very helpful.

I strongly recommend the holiday rep diploma course if you are looking to persue this career.

Perry Church- successful with Thomas Cook

Doing the holiday rep diploma has changed my life! I wanted to be a Rep for years and decided to take the course to improve my knowledge of the job role.

Not only did it do that, but it showed me all aspects of the job, and how to receive and get through an interview, and trust me, when you get an assessment day through, its a big relief being able to find out everything you could possibly need to know for the big day!. It was so accurate with what is done on the day, and honestly don't think i could have got the jobs without it.

If your thinking of being a rep, applying, or have an interview coming up...INVEST IN THIS DIPLOMA for 1 to 1 advice from the recruitment advisor, and the upper hand at interviews.

Katie Carmichael- Thomas Cook & TUI

Woohooo.....Just found out I got the job with Olympic Holidays and have been offered to work in Crete this Summer.

Soooo excited. . Thanks to 'The Holiday Rep Diploma course'. Best £99 I've ever spent!!!! Thanks so much, for all your help and advice. Don't give up anyone, keep applying you will get your dream job eventually. BIG luv

Rosie Jones- successful with Olympic Holidayssuccessstampolympic


When I first came across the holiday rep diploma website I was in two mind, as £99 seemed a lot and I wasn't sure if it would be worth it and if would actually help... I'm so glad I spent the £99 as its the best money I've ever spent I was hooked on doing the course and finished it within the week.

It definitely does help when applying for jobs as I know I definitely wouldn't of got the job with Thomas cook if I didn't do the course and my recruitment advisor gave me the best advice and never gave up on me and always had faith in me to get a job. So anyone that is hesitating about doing the course, go for it, i never thought I'd be starting my dream job within a year ! ! Bring it on :))

Jenna Brown- successful with Thomas Cook


I just want to say a big thank you to my recruitment advisor. I couldn't have done it without his help. I haven't even finished the diploma by the time I had my interview , but my recruitment advisor was on hand to give me great advice and put me at ease.

I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect , but I was reassured and told how I needed to act and be on the day. Also a lot of questions that I was asked on the day were in the modules , so I had already gone through them. My recruitment advisor looked through my application forms giving me great advice and really has helped my dream come true. I would recommend this course to anybody wanting to become a holiday rep - they help you right from the beginning and are still giving me advice now!! £99 definitely well spent!!

Lucy- successful with TUI


At first I was in two minds as to whether I really needed to take this course but then I read some of the success stories and realised in order to really go for it I wanted to give myself the best chance. I am so glad I did because it gave me so much information and really helped me to prepare for the assessments and applications.

 I devoted my time to complete the course and apply. I applied to both TUI and Olympic Holidays, I attended an assessment day with both and was successful with BOTH!!!!

I decided that TUI was the best option for me and have accepted! I am so HAPPY and can't wait to get going. I feel like taking the diploma really helped me but I found my advisor priceless! He helped me with all of my questions and helped me to prepare for my interviews!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! XXX Thanks, I have seen the Facebook page.....made me feel a bit famous!

Laura Marr - TUI & Olympic Holidays


Holiday Rep Diploma has really made my dream of becoming a holiday rep COME TRUE... So pleased to say I've now been offered a place as a holiday advisor with TUI 🙂

The course is great, full of useful information and excellent advice.. Really keeps you one step ahead from all the other candidates. I'll be recommending it to as many people as I can!

Anyone considering this course.. DO IT!! Best £99.00 I've spent...

James Fowler - successful with TUI


I’d just like to thank you for all your help. After finishing the course I was offered an interview with Thomson, and I’m glad to say I got the job!

Will be shipping out to Spain or the Canary Islands for the summer, and I can’t wait! I would seriously recommend completing the Rep Diploma course, I was fully prepared for the interview, and flew through it. Thanks for all your help!

Max - successful with TUI


After deciding it was time to go ahead and apply for my dream job, to be a holiday rep, I stumbled across this course on the web.  I must admit I wasn't a hundred percent sure at first but after reading some of the success stories I decided to give it a go.

The course is great as it gives you an insight as to just what to expect being a rep.  Once the course was complete the recruitment adviser helps you with your application forms to apply to the different companies and gives you interview advice.

The great thing about this course is that you know just what to expect at the interviews giving you a heads up over other candidates. I am so glad I done this course. I am pleased to say that I have been offered a job with Olympic and start in Rhodes:)

Charlotte - successful with Olympic Holidayssuccessstampolympic



I came across the holiday rep diploma course and thought it would give me the advantage when applying and it did, the course was everything and more.

My recruitment advisor and recruitment manual gave me all the information on how to act at the interview and I PASSED and now got the job as a club rep with 18-30's. If you want to work as a club rep then I would recommend this course to anyone. Thanks 🙂

Sam - successful with Club 18-30successstamp1830


Holiday Rep diploma is a great course to undertake, It gives you an insight to the life of a rep.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be come a rep!! . It's worth every penny 🙂 Thanks to this course I have been able to fulfill my dreams to become an holiday rep. I've got a job with Olympic and can't wait to start In Rhodes 🙂

Thanks again holiday Rep diploma for all your help 🙂

Jenny - successful with Olympic Holidayssuccessstampolympic



The holiday rep diploma has really prepared me for becoming a holiday rep. It guided me smoothly through the application process and gave me a real insight into what happens at the interviews.

Once I started applying for rep jobs I found myself with a million questions I needed answering so I found having the option to ask the course tutor or recruitment advisor invaluable.

I had my first ever holiday rep interview at the weekend and got a call from Thomas Cook yesterday to say I had the job, I'll be leaving in 15 weeks.....not that I'm counting 😉

Nicola Cotterill - successful with Thomas Cooksuccessstampthomascook



The best £99 i have spent in a long time for my holiday rep diploma course.

I only applied to 2 tour companies and my recruitment advisor gave me the advise on what to say in my a result i was offered not 1 but 2 jobs.  If you need help with applying, want support and really increase your chances then go for this course. I did and i am now a rep!! Thanks

Ed - successful with First Choice




My modules from my course have given me a brilliant background into repping and helped me to decide which rep job would suit me best. My recruitment advisor and course tutor where always on hand to answer my questions and they have said they will continue their support when i work overseas.

Without the support from this course and my diploma i would have never been offered a job as a rep. You are ALL STARS 🙂

Michelle - successful with Cosmos



I only applied to 2 tour companies and my recruitment advisor gave me the advise on what to say in my a result i was offered not 1 but 2 jobs.  If you need help with applying, want support and really increase your chances then go for this course. I did and i am now a rep!! Thanks

Ed - successful with First Choicesuccessstampfirstchoice




I was unsure how to apply to the tour companies and wanted something to increase my chances and I came across the holiday rep diploma course. What a result!!! I applied to the first tour company with the help from my recruitment advisor, followed the notes from my recruitment manual and now I am working overseas this summer. I cant thank you enough.

David - successful with TUIsuccessstamp




I found Holiday Rep Diploma informed me about all the different aspects of being a Holiday Rep meaning I was able to answer all the questions easily at my assessment, due to my understanding of the job roles and what the company was looking for.

It also gave me an extra boost of confidence as it had helped me be as prepared as possible. I was also able to contact the tutor and recruitment advisor with any worries or queries I had. I have now been offered a job as a mainline rep with Thomas Cook, and would like to thank Holiday Rep Diploma for all their help.

Claire Wenham - successful with Thomas Cook


Just had my Thomas Cook Interview and I am pleased to say I will be a holiday rep Before taking this course I failed my interview with TUI and was completely unprepared. After starting my holiday rep diploma course i read the recruitment manual, took the online modules and applied to Thomas Cook. I received great support from my recruitment advisor, attended my interview and now got the Job. A great course with great support - Thanks

Simon - successful with Thomas Cook


Without this course i would not have got the job with club 18 to 30. My recruitment advisor helped me to create a wicked presentation and with the tips on what to do at my club 18 to 30 interview, where BRILLIANT!!

So if your thinking of wanting to work as a club rep then i would recommend this course. Here's to working as a club rep:)

Sara - successful with Club 18-30


I would like to thank everyone on the team at Holiday Rep Diploma for the course and helping me get a job with Thomas Cook as a family rep after doing the course i went to the interview and got a call to say I got the job!!!! so thank you to all of you. Once again a big thank you

Adam - successful with Thomas Cook


I just wanted to leave some feedback for future Holiday Rep Diploma Students. I completed the course and found it very useful. I attended an Assessment Day for TUI Travel (Thompson/First Choice) and was phoned by my interviewer and told that I'd been successful.

Now waiting for training course dates and details of when I'll be going out to resort. The night before my interview I stayed in a hotel, relaxed, went over my presentation and recruitment manual, had an early night, and basically followed all of the suggestions in the course modules. It worked. Many thanks and good luck to all others who complete the course.  Worth every penny!!

Charles - successful with Thomson


I just want to say thank you so much to Holiday Rep Diploma! Without it I wouldn't of had the knowledge I needed to be successful in my Interview with Thomas cook.

I applied to three tour operators and within the space of a week had replies back from all inviting me to attend assessment days! I took the Job with Thomas cook as an overseas mainline rep! and I'm excited to start my induction training in March! Thank you so much to everyone at Holiday Rep Diploma:)

Natalie - 2wenty's and Club 18 to 30


What a great course and the recruitment advice really helped me for the interview and now I am going to be working in the sun. Thanks to everyone at Holiday Rep Diploma Course.

David - successful with First Choicesuccessstampfirstchoice


I found the interview tips and advice really helped me to get the holiday rep job with Thomson. I was quite nervous about applying and did not know what to expect. After doing this course I was 100% more confident and my first interview I got the job (result). When I first looked I was thinking that £99 was a lot of money, but now that I have done it it was worth every penny!!

Sarah - successful with Thomson


I have to say that the money I spent on the diploma course to be a holiday rep was most definitely worth every penny because it has helped me to get a job with Thomas Cook and I have been wanting to work for Thomas Cook since I can remember....

I’m so happy about it and I know that this course really did help me because in this course you learn everything that you need to know about becoming a rep and how to and has the best tips and advice on how to prepare for the interview stages.

So I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping me to get my dream job and changing my life

Rachael - successful with Thomas Cook


I have been wanting to be an overseas rep for a while. Even though I already have experience in the travel industry I thought I need to get a course that gives me a full understanding of the duties as a holiday rep.

This course helped me with interview techniques all the way down to the paperwork we have to fill in while in resort. I completed it in my own time and was easy and straight forward to follow, course tutors and course advisors are great and would bend over backwards to help you.

Thomas cook saw that I had been studying this and where impressed, it shown that I was making an effort and really wanted to pursue a career as a rep. I recommend this course to any one wanting that dream job. I've now been offered a position as a rep with Thomas Cook, that was my first interview and now my last lol. Good luck guys

Chris - successful with Thomas Cook


I want everybody to know that The Holiday Rep Diploma is worth every penny!!

 Due to completing the Diploma I have been offered two jobs with Thomas Cook & First Choice!! One of which is as a specialist rep working in 5 star hotels!!

Before I took the course I really had no idea of what being a rep entailed or what to expect when I attended interview, and I have always been terrible in interview situations!! But it was thanks to this course that I was successful, it fully prepared me for every situation during the assessment day.

So I just want to say a big thank you to my recruitment advisor for all his help. I'll let you know how my first summer goes!!!

Rebecca - Thomas Cook & First Choice




I did the Holiday Rep Diploma On-line Diploma Course as I wanted to get into the travel industry as a Holiday Rep.

The course allowed me to work at my own pace and in my own time which was fantastic as I didn't feel rushed or pressured. Once I'd completed the course I applied for the role of Overseas Entertainer with Thomas Cook, this was my first application. One month after applying for them, and after some gruelling audition processes they have offered me a job for Summer. Without this course I would not have even passed the application process let alone got through the audition. So THANK-YOU guys, you have helped me to achieve my dream!

Sarah - successful with Thomas Cook



I got the job with 2wentys! Although the course is £99 it secured me a Job of a lifetime - I paid for the course and was more prepared than the other 60 candidates...

Louie - successful with 2wenty'ssuccessstamp2wentys



I definitely think that the course prepared me not only for my interview but will be a good foundation to my training course and when i get into resort. It's money well spent for a dream job

Clayre - successful with Thomson'ssuccessstamp